David is hands down one of the best out there and does an amazing job with my hair each and every time- I always get tons of compliments.
- Brenda P.
David "Scissor D" is an excellent stylist. Quite possibly the best stylist I have ever been too.
- Simon F.

Hello, and welcome to my web page. My name is David Scissor D.

I've always had a strong belief that everyone has a natural born talent.

I discovered early on that one of my talents was to be a hair stylist. It is my passion and it shows on my clients. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to help someone look their ultimate best. When a client comes into my salon, I consult with each of them individually, and we discuss the look that they are trying to achieve. When we both agree on a style, I then use my expertise to make each of my clients look their absolute best When they leave my shop, they feel better than before they came in.

How you feel about yourself strongly affects how you present yourself to others. When you have a great hairstyle, you, feel great. When you feel good about yourself, you shine, and people really do notice.

Are you wondering about my alias Scissor D?

Well, a few years ago some of my clients and friends would jokingly say that I should add something to my name to help fit my image.

I asked them, "What are you talking about?"

They would say, "Well you know, we see you as an urban, cutting edge type of person, who could have just as easily been on the stage doing rock concerts, that is if you could actually sing or play the guitar."

They also said, "Instead of wielding a guitar, you sling a mean pair of scissors. You transform your clients into rock stars.

Take the D from your name David, and add it to the tool of your trade and .... Voila, you have Scissor D: The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Hairstylist." We thought that this was pretty funny and we laughed and joked about this for some time. Slowly this little inside joke took on a life of its own, and... Scissor D was born. :D

Please feel free to make and appointment with me anytime for a consultation, I would love to meet with you and see what kind of a new and exciting look that we can come up with for you.

See you soon.


David Scissor D